About Us

Welcome to Kidz Trek - the blog dedicated to making the most out of your travel time with kids. Do you think it's too hard to travel with kids? Too expensive? Think the only place to go with kids is Disney? Think again! Here on Kidz Trek, we will show you how traveling - around the world even - can be fun and budget friendly for the whole family!

We will highlight places, good eats, activities and travel tips - all designed to help you make the most of your vacation time and stay sane while traveling with your kids.

So hold on, buckle up and get ready to trek with your kidz!

We are a family of four who LOVE to travel. We are a typical middle class family located in the Hudson Valley in NY. Kelly is a Special Education Teacher, Frank is a Registered Nurse. Having children has not stopped our desire to see the world, it has only escalated it! Our children are great travelers and yours can be too!